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Our experience with commerce stretches back to 1999 where Phil Stubbington was a Programme Manager in the e-commerce and sales productivity team at Dell UK.  

This included rapid improvements in frictionless e-commerce – so that an order placed on the Dell website would be transmitted to the order management and manufacturing systems within seconds.  Prior to this, and exacerbated by Dell’s rapid growth, this could often take hours leading to a poor customer experience.

Phil was also responsible for other aspects of the frictionless programme including: –

  • communication with the customer during the manufacturing and shipping processes ensuring a much-improved customer experience, a shorter shipping target – Dell aimed to deliver a ‘build-to-order’ PC within 5 days – improved ‘ship-to-target’ key performance indicator (KPI).
  • complying with US customs legislation in parallel with manufacturing and shipping to minimise impact on the customer experience whilst ensuring compliance
  • delivering the Demand/Supply programme (DSi2) for Europe, Middle East and Africa which further reduced the already exceptionally low inventory levels ‘on hand’ at the manufacturing facilities amongst other benefits.

For businesses, we recommend Shopify as the ideal solution to get you online, and for enterprises Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

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