Customer story: Lay Bare

By Henley Ridge Management Consulting Limited

The team at Lay Bare believes every company needs to be a tech company to deliver reliable, excellent service across the customer experience. In this video, discover how Lay Bare gained peace of mind when it transformed IT with Microsoft Azure to improve branch efficiencies, empower its workforce and deliver time-saving services across franchises. A Microsoft expert, Henley Ridge Management Consulting Limited can accelerate your transformation. Contact us.

Customer story: City of Westminster College

By Henley Ridge Management Consulting Limited

Preparing students for success in the 21st century requires a strong grounding in technology. By deploying Microsoft Office 365, City of Westminster College help students to work together and interact with teachers in a comfortable, real-time way. The teachers use the tools to stay organized, reduce workload and make their classrooms an engaging experience.

Simplified operations and digital transformation are also within your reach. Let Henley Ridge Management Consulting Limited show you how. Contact us to learn more.

Customer story: Chesterfield County

By Henley Ridge Management Consulting Limited

Manual processes, handwritten logs, and paper trails are not only inefficient, but they can be costly. These outdated business management techniques often result in error, duplication, and quality-control issues that can compromise efficiency, productivity, and morale.

But with cloud-based productivity and data centralization tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can modernize your business and achieve more.

At Henley Ridge Management Consulting Limited, we understand the importance of modern digital tools to help businesses move forward. Contact us to learn more. #WhyCloud

Are your business systems letting you down?

By Phil Stubbington

Chances are, whatever size of company you’re in, you have the occasional day when nothing seems to work.  Email is down, some computer servers in which you’d forgotten about are apparently crucial for locating that document you were working on and there’s nobody…

We are now a Microsoft Partner

By Phil Stubbington

We’re excited to announce that Henley Ridge Management Consulting Limited has become a Microsoft Partner. Our main focus remains ensuring your business maximises the value it gains through changes to your business.  With digital transformation (something we’ve been a part of in various…